16 October 2007


Back in June, Swedish and a little bit French trio Svart Kaffe played a magical gig at the Swedish Seamen's Church on Park Lane, Liverpool. I'd just got a digital snappamajig with moving-picture-doohickys so I recorded a few of their songs and uploaded them to the interweb with their permission. It took me a while to realise (as in, I still sometimes haven't quite realised yet in the heat of the moment) that I can't turn the camera sideways to take a video like I can when taking pictures and so you have to lie down to watch the cow herding song video properly. Also, the space they were performing in, which is a nineteenth century scandinavian style swedish church and in all other ways an amazing space, was right in front of a window through which the almost-midsummer evening sunlight poured, turning the band into silhouettes. Still, it's a nice reminder of a fantastic evening.

So you can imagine how excited I was to learn, just the other day, that Louise Schultz, the superb vocalist and one third of Svart Kaffe, is playing at the church again next Tuesday. That's Tuesday 23 October, 7pm, at 138 Park Lane, Liverpool, tickets £5 including nibbles and wine/coffee/soft drinks. Yup I was over the moon. Until I realised that I'm out of town next Tuesday.



Dick said...

Wow! Whatta voice! Get someone who can keep a camcorder the right way up to go along, Dem. More of this is not to be missed.

Dem said...

What a voice indeed. Sadly, it was last week and as far as I know, nobody I know went along. And for the record, I do know how to hold the camera the right way up - I just sometimes choose not to is all ;-)