4 December 2007

Quick Catch Up...

(This is, roughly, a cut and paste of a comment reply to the previous post in lieu of a proper entry for the time being)

Blimey I've really let this slip haven't I. Sorry for that - blame a hectic rehearsal schedule for The Weir which goes up this week so I'll be done and dusted, home and hosed, finished and fed up by Saturday and will have more time to post here and stuff.

The main news about the competition:

Hearts and Minds is up at the Domino Gallery which is in the Green Fish Cafe just off the bottom of Renshaw Street - I forget the actual street name - for all scousers, mousers and woolybacks. I was never all that happy with this new gouache version of it and seeing it amongst the other competition entries only reinforces this. I have no gripes with the gallery or how it's displayed but I wonder if I might feel better if it was alongside other small scale cartoony/gouachey things and it's made me painfully aware of how producing art intended for page and screen can be markedly different from producing art for gallery wall.

Needless to say, I didn't win. As soon as I knew partner of friend Legofesto was in the competition, that was my favourite (I can't be bothered with links just now, will add them later, but just Google Legofesto and you'll see) and though it didn't win, it was one of the super-shortlisted runner-ups. For a list of all the winners, click on the art in liverpool link in my sidebar. I'll come back later, possibly at the weekend, and add links and gallery details but right now I have play related stuff to be doing and a busy day ahead.

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