5 December 2007

The Weir

The Weir programme cover

All performances £6/£4 concessions. Pay on door.

This is why I haven't done much around here, or anything at all with pencil/paint, over the last month or so - a hectic rehearsal schedule for The Weir which finally comes to its fruit bearing end with our first performance tonight. If you're in the area, please pop along and see us. I grew a moustache especially!


marja-leena said...

Oh, wish I could be there! Break a leg! Looking forward to reports re opening night.

Anonymous said...

Dem, photos of moustachioed you?
Good luck (or merde as we frogs say) and keep that blarney flowing.


Anonymous said...

Late in the day, as ever, but I hope it went well. What next? Panto..?!

Dem said...

Ooh lazy comment replying as usual. Been a bit preoccupied of late.


Thanks Marja-Leena - I don't know if I have the energy or memory for a report. I think I wasn't really up for this show for various reasons so I didn't make the best of a wonderful part but it was enjoyed by all who saw it and improved our reputation, especially with the Irish Festival bods, so all is good.

Natalie - thanks again - I shaved it off before I'd taken a decent photy of it but I'll see if I can find some indecent ones to put here.

Dick - thanks - I wouldn't worry about being late, I haven't read any blogs since the play started even though it finished 3 weeks ago. No panto sadly - I would love to do panto, maybe next year all being well!