20 February 2007

Ranpa 1/2 (a kind of birthday card comic thing)

Birthday Comic page 1 of 4
Birthday Comic page 2 of 4
Birthday Comic page 3 of 4
Birthday Comic page 4 of 4

Every year I put some kind of story together for my daughter's birthday. Previous years stories can be seen on the blog here and here and purchased here. This is her story for this year, a rip-off of her favourite comic, Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi. She recently declared herself gothic so that gets a reference too. The two characters, Petunia and Papa Petalbum, are from last year's book, which you simply must buy for a relatively small sum of money and well worth every penny. For those who don't know, the Wirral is a strange place across the water from here.

13 February 2007

Robotti Vanhemmat (yet another Finglish birthday card)



suunitelma - plan/blueprint
robotti vanhemmat - robot parents
kauko-ohjain - remote control
liikuta - move
taskuraha - pocket money

A finglish birthday card for the son of friends in Finland. I've seen one or two artists on flickr using a limited palette to great effect so I wanted to try it out. At first I was just going with the blue on the blueprint, the yellow ochre of the hand, and purple and orange on the robots but it wasn't working so I added the green. I wasn't sure while I was doing it - in fact I didn't like it - but now it's done I'm relatively happy with it although it's not at all what I had in mind at the start.

12 February 2007

This Has No Title Because I Can't Think One Up Except Possibly 'Losing My Stripes' Which Makes Little Sense In The Obscurest Possible Way...

I'm still struggling for momentum (largely thanks to citalopram which might also be responsible for my will to live) but I managed this - my second go with bristol-board and a chance to try out some new drip-pen nibs and holders. I thought I was doing one thing but now I think I'm not and I'm going to let it take me to wherever it wants to go.

Otherwise, the good news is that long standing blog friend Coup De Vent has reappeared - yay! I'm hoping that the bad news is old news.

Oh, and seeing as it worked so well when Natalie tried it, if anybody fancies buying, mentioning and/or reviewing my book, I'll be very very grateful.

Finally, if you can explain the little sense 'Losing My Stripes' makes I might just give you a prize.


2 February 2007

Brilliant Stuff Elsewhere...

I'm still struggling to do anything for all the same old reasons but don't go without - get this! Natalie's brilliantest, bestest and biggest delusion is now available in touchy, feely, order-it-over-the-internet form via Lulu. If you didn't read her wonderful Interviews with God when serialised on Blaugustine (the colourful blog she shares with Augustine, her cartoon soul who gets to interview God), now is your chance. And if you did, now is another chance. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!