31 July 2007



You can download your own copy of Softy here. Some of the terms used - glyph, rasterize.

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22 July 2007

How to illustrate! Part 2 - painting, cocking up, magic, cheating, being lazy.

SO Ms Suomi-Suolmate has been doing this Scandinavian Heritage and Church Project, working as its Education Outreach Officer going into local schools to tell them about Vikings, sauna, Kimi Raikonen and meatballs. She's putting together a teaching pack so that the education side of it can continue when the project's funding runs out (about now) and decided she wanted elks (known t'other side of t'Atlantic as mooses) to be the ambassadors/motifs/presenters of Scandinavian culture to scouse schoolkids. And that's what I've been doing - sort of.

And seeing as I almost had enough forethought to think of it before I did it I decided to take pics during the process of painting one of the elks to show you all how it happens. Except I didn't have quite enough forethought to scan or photograph the unpainted picture to give you a starting point.

Anyway, I thought the best way of seeing it happen is by the magic of a slideshow. Before the slideshow, here's another unpainted elk to give you an idea of what an unpainted elk looks like in case you weren't sure. After the slideshow there's a chance to gaze upon a fully painted elk displaying plates of meatballs and lingonberries on the one hand, and herring on the other. Yum yum!

elk woman

elk food for web