27 December 2007

kustom komik kit....


Part of my daughter's Christmas present...

24 December 2007

A Sneaky Preview of that now bean worked upon

...well not actually worked upon right nah because I'm here typing this en I?


yx inktest

Can you tell what it is yet?

A civil war involving an exchange of friendly Zissous

Only one of the images in this post is by me - the other two are by my brilliant friend Kate.

Because I'm late cottoning on to stuff, I only discovered how brilliant Wes Anderson is this year. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou quickly established itself as one of my favourite ever films and I became something of an Zissousian evangelist, telling all that they must see this quirkily wonderfully deep and light film. Kate was just about the only person who listened and soon fell in love with Zissou and Rushmore. Who wouldn't? Anyway, skip to my birthday back in August, in Finland, in somebody else's house checking my email and there's a card from Kate.

I wonder if it remembers

How great is that to stumble upon in a foreign Finland?

So when it was Kate's birthday, I thought I should do something similar for her in return. I'm not 100% sure of what I say but I think Kate's favourite person ever is Harpo Marx - if you text her out of the blue she'll tell you what colour eyes he has (and his brothers) even if she's out shopping and nowhere near a reference book. His eyes aren't blue. So I did this.

harpo zissou

Of course being a card from me it was naturally very late what with all my excuses to maintain and what have yous. So blow me dahn if before I'm all done and dusted, some several months beyond the 30th in question, hasn't she gawn and done me another card along similar lines?

thanks pal

Yes she bloomin well has is the answer! And how more wonderful again what?

In other news, please spare a thought for Ms Suomi-Suolmate over there in a corner of a foreign Finland for the ollidaze and the worse nightmare imaginable for a foreign Finn has come to pass courtesy of the new GM sponsored climate - a black christmas, devoid of snow.

5 December 2007

The Weir

The Weir programme cover

All performances £6/£4 concessions. Pay on door.

This is why I haven't done much around here, or anything at all with pencil/paint, over the last month or so - a hectic rehearsal schedule for The Weir which finally comes to its fruit bearing end with our first performance tonight. If you're in the area, please pop along and see us. I grew a moustache especially!

4 December 2007

Quick Catch Up...

(This is, roughly, a cut and paste of a comment reply to the previous post in lieu of a proper entry for the time being)

Blimey I've really let this slip haven't I. Sorry for that - blame a hectic rehearsal schedule for The Weir which goes up this week so I'll be done and dusted, home and hosed, finished and fed up by Saturday and will have more time to post here and stuff.

The main news about the competition:

Hearts and Minds is up at the Domino Gallery which is in the Green Fish Cafe just off the bottom of Renshaw Street - I forget the actual street name - for all scousers, mousers and woolybacks. I was never all that happy with this new gouache version of it and seeing it amongst the other competition entries only reinforces this. I have no gripes with the gallery or how it's displayed but I wonder if I might feel better if it was alongside other small scale cartoony/gouachey things and it's made me painfully aware of how producing art intended for page and screen can be markedly different from producing art for gallery wall.

Needless to say, I didn't win. As soon as I knew partner of friend Legofesto was in the competition, that was my favourite (I can't be bothered with links just now, will add them later, but just Google Legofesto and you'll see) and though it didn't win, it was one of the super-shortlisted runner-ups. For a list of all the winners, click on the art in liverpool link in my sidebar. I'll come back later, possibly at the weekend, and add links and gallery details but right now I have play related stuff to be doing and a busy day ahead.