5 June 2008

While I was away...

...I moved house. About half a mile away but no less stressful for that, especially as I would have been happy to stay in the old house forever except our friend need to sell.

moving on

...I moved operating system. Too many reasons to list all of them but mainly because the replacement operating system, Ubuntu Linux costs nowt and doesn't regard my 4 year old (but otherwise perfectly capable) hardware as obsolete. In real terms, however, this has meant about a month of fiddling, fucking up and reinstalling, but it's well worth it and I've learned loads.

...I broke the dog. Well, she broke herself. Twice. Once by falling UP some wet steps at Sefton Park, then by dancing on some broken glass a week later. Aw. And now I'm washing up at the vets for the foreseeable future.

poorly doggie

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