29 September 2008

Too much yellow

I really really really need a daylight mimicking bulb. They're a kind of lightbulb that fills your studio room with a light that works very much like daylight works - that is, it allows you to see all the colours. As in the colours on your palette, on your brush and then those all important colours that you transfer from your brush onto your paper. Because the kind of light that was in my studio room today - a sort of dingy grey daylight mixed with orrible urine yellow bulb light - doesn't allow you to see all the colours. You know, like the colours on the palette, on the brush and those colours that end up on the paper without you actually realising because you can't see them because of the orrible urine yellow bulb light mixed with depressing wintry grey daylight. Yes, I am pissed off having just scanned the polar bear I painted this afternoon to discover that instead of the almost visible suggestion of yellow I was aiming at, a kind of yellow that is more for the brain than they eye, my polar bear is actually the same urine yellow as the bulb light in my room. SO I really need that daylight bulb soon. Either that or give up painting til summer - as if the english summer is gonna help!

polar bear painted

27 September 2008

Vanity thy name is moustache

First of all, opportunities to post and read here have been limited lately because I have been unable (or only sporadically, rarely able) to access anything blogger related such as my blog, other blogspot blogs, my account etc. This seems to be something to do with my isp but I can't sort it out for complicated reasons best long-story-shortened to administrative cock ups. Not that I post or reply to comments as often as I should anyway but it's annoying when I can't.

handlebar moustache promenade

Secondly, moustaches. Handlebar moustaches. According to the British Handlebar Moustache Club, a handlebar moustache is "a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities". And that, dear friends, is what I have set about raising from the erstwhile bare region in question. Last year I grew a moustache for a play and quite liked it. Nobody else liked it and one night after a performance, an unkind fellow called out "Got your number 118!" (viewers of commercial television from the United Kingdom may understand the reference) and so I removed it as soon as the show was over.

During the summer I took part in another amateur dramatic production wherein my endeavours were enhanced by a hirsute appendage. Googling around in search of grooming tips and purveyors of wax, I found the Handlebar Moustache Club and my purpose in life became clear. I immediately set about extending my hirsute appendage in the direction of graspable appendages. When the play finished, I kept the beastie, remodelling it slightly with the aim of achieving an english. I quickly secured the position of Pirate Captain for which a handlebar was considered appropriate and so now the hirsute appendage is a permanent fixture, and one of which I'm insufferably proud.

vanity thy name is handlebar moustache

It is somewhat alarming and depressing to note the derision and hostility with which hirsute appendages are generally received by 90% of the Liverpool population, including close friends and family. I can number on one sawmill adjusted hand the number of positive comments it has attracted in person. The uninformed moustachism of the hairless-toplipped-masses have only hardened my enthusiasm to be a moustache activist. That is, if some of you who hate it had only expressed a little indifference it might not be there now for you to hate but as it is, well, it is and so shall remain.

23 September 2008

incomplete illos

A couple of illustrations waiting for a paint job. Both for a teaching pack on Scandinavia and Liverpool.

polar bear on diminishing ice

northern lights fox

According to one legend from Finland (Scandinavia? The Nordic countries?),the fox was brushing the snow with his brush and from the sparks and swirling snowflakes, the northern lights formed. It's going to be an interesting and challenging experiment, painting the northern lights with gouache! Maybe it'll be several such experiments...