29 September 2008

Too much yellow

I really really really need a daylight mimicking bulb. They're a kind of lightbulb that fills your studio room with a light that works very much like daylight works - that is, it allows you to see all the colours. As in the colours on your palette, on your brush and then those all important colours that you transfer from your brush onto your paper. Because the kind of light that was in my studio room today - a sort of dingy grey daylight mixed with orrible urine yellow bulb light - doesn't allow you to see all the colours. You know, like the colours on the palette, on the brush and those colours that end up on the paper without you actually realising because you can't see them because of the orrible urine yellow bulb light mixed with depressing wintry grey daylight. Yes, I am pissed off having just scanned the polar bear I painted this afternoon to discover that instead of the almost visible suggestion of yellow I was aiming at, a kind of yellow that is more for the brain than they eye, my polar bear is actually the same urine yellow as the bulb light in my room. SO I really need that daylight bulb soon. Either that or give up painting til summer - as if the english summer is gonna help!

polar bear painted

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