30 January 2009

Modern Ills (finished version)

modern ills (1 of 5)
modern ills (2 of 5)
modern ills (3 of 5)
modern ills 4 of 5)
modern ills (5 of 5)

(And by way of partially demonstrating that the shaming-into-finishing strategy referred to in the previous post isn't entirely in vain, here's one I started a long L O N G time ago and finished just now...)


New GoG Test - unpainted

In line with my not-so-recent policy of putting unfinished stuff up here in the vain hope of shaming me into finishing said stuff, here's another (even more not-so-recent) tester for the GoG#96 overhaul/revision thing. I did this so long ago (as in, well over a year) I can't remember how I was supposed to paint it or what was being said. Hey ho.