22 February 2009

Kitschener: all occasion card design

kitschener all purpose card design

I'm pretty rubbish at remember special occasions that require cards, and at remembering to buy things like cards that are required on the special occasions that I've only just managed to not forget. So I wanted to design a card that I could quickly print off on any special occasion that I have only just in time managed to remember and this is it. The idea is that I write whatever the occasion might be inside the card so that, for instance, the front will read 'I WANT YOU' and the inside 'to have a happy Thursday' which the recipient will feel duly warmed by as they read it. On Friday at the earliest.


Dick said...

I'm crap at that too. Rush me 500 of the one-message-fits-all cards!

('Tache doing well, if that's an accurate representation).

Natalie said...

Wow,Dem! Great image and idea.

But what if people you send the card to know each other and notice that they're all getting the same card?
You could add some little individual alteration to each one?


Lady P said...

I suggest hand-colouring the moustache a different shade for each recipient.

Brilliant idea!

Dem said...

Thanks Dick - maybe I could do you a version of this card based on a picture of you? You might even grow a handlebar especially? This isn't an entirely accurate representation of the tache - must get an up to date picture taken. It's recently begun to turn downwards on the left side for no apparent reason and to my utter frustration. I may be forced to shave it (or severely censor it) for a play soon in which case I'll use it as an opportunity to start from scratchy and see if I can eradicate such glitchys.

Natalie & Lady P - to be honest I'm not massively bothered if people notice they're getting the same card but, I Lady P's idea is indeed brilliant so I'll probably do that. Even if I didn't do that though, I suppose the handwritten bit inside is what will make each card unique.