5 February 2009

wwwhere in the wwworld...

The sting of having my original .com hijacked from under my nose because I forgot to renew it has worn off (the sting that is - not my nose) and I have gone and done it again. That .com is still in the hands of people who don't know what to do with it (except, presumably, wait for me to make an offer to buy it back again) and so , instead (and perhaps more appropriately) I got myself a .co.uk. I got myself a www.guildofghostwrites.co.uk in fact. So please change the url of any links pointing here accordingly. Or, since the old url should just redirect to the new url (look at the address bar and it should show the new url rather than the blogspot one), don't, don't bother, do nowt. It's up to you.

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