29 June 2009

Cartoony Fackheeds Take A Hike (#2)

cartoony f~@heads take a hike (#2)

This is actually their third outing but I was struggling to translate the original #2 to scouse/tyke and moved onto number #3 instead. This has been sitting unfinished on my painting desk for ages because I was unhappy with the tree background and wasn't sure whether to chuck it and start again, which is somewhat against the spirit of this exercise.

4 June 2009

Cartoony Fuckheads #1

cartoony fuckheads #1

Cartoony Fuckheads first found their way onto the page about a decade ago. They were wrought of ink from my beloved, now nibfuckt, Rotring 900, indelibly smudged onto grubby typing paper. They found their way onto the webpage soon after the original Guild of Ghostwriters went pictorial in early 2004. I recently decided to try a 2009 remix using my modern equipments and devices and so they are wrought of drip pen and ink then dirty gouache applied with my beloved kolinksy brushes. I also decided to change the ethnic origins of Lefty and Righty (the two who populate the panels) to more closely resemble my own experiences. The original Lefty & Righty spoke like characters from Walt Kelly's Pogo, the reborn Lefty and Righty speak scouse and tyke respectively - me being a sort of tyke who now lives in the land of scouse and probably doesn't have too strong a hold on how either really speaks. Hey ho. There are 9 or 10 of these to remix, then I might see about doing some new ones.