26 July 2009

stations of the Niall #1

stations of the niall #1

This is a very hastily scribbled 30th birthday doodle for Niall. On the day of his party, which I briefly attended in order to read the last rights to my medication destroyed liver with a sip of champagne (I kid you not - one or two sips and I've been doubled up ever since, me belly swollen like a paris lip), we scoured the bookshops in search of our preferred gift but it wasn't there and this was our last resort. When I first met Niall, he told me that his plan for the following day was to go slipper shopping with his housemate, hence this doodle.

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Molly Bloom said...

Hello there Dem. Hoping you are well. Have just been moving bookcases around and found Petunia. If you haven't read it everyone, buy a copy now. Wonderful stuff.