7 November 2009

the killer who calls

In October I attended a film making one day taster course provided by Liverpool filmy people First Take. On top of learning the basics of shot selection, camera, sound, etc, we had to make a film lasting about a minute and using roughly 10 shots. All this in 6 hours. The Killer Who Calls is the result. The main guy you see was a sterling team member who came up with the main idea in seconds and stepped in when our original suave hero type got camera shy and did a runner. Special mention to the woman you see as well because she was as eager to act as I am to go to war and have babies but she acted nonetheless. I'm very pleased with the results - as well as making a cameo appearance at the end, I shot a couple of the scenes and held the boom for most of the rest of it.

Afterwards we were invited to apply for a six month course film making and I was interviewed yesterday. Following the interview, a director of First Take gave me positive feedback but there's a problem with my location. The course is only happening because of some regeneration funding that stipulates the parts of Liverpool participants must come from. First Take are double checking whether this can be relaxed but I live in L18, which includes affluent Allerton and millionaire Mossley Hill, so I'm holding a scant hope but not my breath.

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