13 November 2009

Liverpool Scandinavian Seamen's Church Facing Renewed Threat of Closure

I'm adding some new links to the sidebar and particularly wanted to point out the most important at this time. Liverpool Scandinavian Seamen's Church faces renewed threat of closure as SKUT (Svenska Kyrkan i Utlandet, the Swedish Church Abroad) attempts to sell what isn't theirs to sell, and to evict the congregation and other users of this distinctive old building. A member of the congregation and accomplished blogger has started a new blog detailing the campaign against closure as well as day to day activities at the Church. Save The Scandinavian Church in Liverpool is the blog, written in English and Swedish.

The Church is the hub of a thriving ex-pat Scandinavian community scattered across Merseyside and beyond, and which may as well be scattered to the wind without the Church and its activities binding them together. This closure must be stopped. I urge everybody, especially Liverpool and Merseyside based bloggers, to read, link, promote this blog. And more importantly, make use of this important cultural centre, participate in its activities, while you still can.

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