28 July 2010

Made Up Dream Novel

I don't want to write anything by way of explanations etc on Made Up Dreamer, except in comments where appropriate or necessary, because everything there must be in the form of Made Up Dream, just as it is with the twitter feed. And so I shall attempt some kind of explanation here, as here is not bound by the same Made Up Rules.

As I currently hold it (and holding it is an activity much like nervously nerdling a lump of putty), the Made Up Dream Novel plan is to produce somewhere around 100 Made Up Dream images. The dreams will be free standing as always but together there will be nuances & themes & narrative threads that link them. Noting how the discipline of 140 characters on twitter more often inspires than inhibits, each image will be constructed to fit in a 13cm square. There is no reading order, the numbers are largely meaningless in a chronology or page order sense, except that #0 above is my start. The idea is for it to be a Made Up Dream illustrated novel version of a myriorama landscape card set. When finished, I may well do something with them using Lulu but my preference is for them to be in unbound myriorama-like form which I don't think Lulu currently offers. A long way to go before I need to worry about that though.

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23 July 2010

Made Up Dreams

It's happening more here than anywhere just now, and hopefully here as well. Not to say that this is dead, but it's not exactly thriving either. I will come back here when I'm ready to sort out that GoG#96 comic once & for all.

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